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Stone Priest - Pallor Mortis - Transparent Blue Vinyl

$12.00 / On Sale

Pallor Mortis is the sophomore follow up to Stone Priest’s 2016 self titled debut. Pressed on 140/150 gram stunning transparent blue vinyl. Limited to 295 copies pressed and 250 available to the public.

“Pallor Mortis is multilayered with unashamed use of keyboards high in the mix and an analog feel to the recording giving the album an authentic sound, I could imagine the US Marine Corps listening to this, particularly the track 'Ash To Dust, somewhere along the Mekong Delta. I'm not usually a fan of the use of keys in a recording, it's the knuckledragger in me, unfortunately, but STONE PRIEST has cleverly given them prominence in several different ways from ivory tinkling to something John Paul Jones or Rick Wakeman would use. The best prog should be jaunty, never standing still or sounding the same and STONE PRIEST has encapsulated this, guitars and keyboards vying for prominence weaving in and out among the vocals.” Steve Woodier - Deathrattle Podcast

“ Stone Priest use a collective mix of Psych, Classic Rock, Prog Rock and Stoner Rock for the majority of the songs with some epic grooves along the way. The album has a deep love and appreciation for 1970’s Hard Rock with a few different sounds being added for good measure.” Steve Howe - Outlaws Of The Sun